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One-Step-Wax Shout Out

Eagle One Wax-As-U-Dry Makes Waxing Easy
One-Step-Wax Shout Out Posted February 27 2014 05:54 PM by Chris Phillip

 Our friends at Eagle One have brought out Wax-As-U-Dry, a spray wax hat can be used on wet or dry surfaces, with a patented formula that actually mixes with water.

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High Performance Pontiac May 2014 Issue on Shelves Friday

High Performance Pontiac May 2014 Issue on Shelves Friday Posted February 5 2014 01:56 PM by Stephanie Davies

The May 2014 issue of High Performance Pontiac is due to hit shelves near you this coming Friday so here’s what’s in store for you this month!

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Coker Tire Opens New West Coast Facility

Coker Tire Opens New West Coast Facility Posted January 30 2014 02:48 PM by Stephanie Davies

A new 100,000 square-foot wheel production and tire distribution center was opened in City of Industry, California, last week by the Coker Group, and editors from High Performance Pontiac and other Source Interlink Media...

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Arrowhead Emblems for ‘04-‘06 GTO by Performance Years

Arrowhead Emblems for ‘04-‘06 GTO by Performance Years Posted January 10 2014 01:27 PM by Stephanie Davies

There is nothing in the world that ages a car more than yellowing headlights, dull paint, and especially faded emblems, even when your car is only 10 years old! Performance Years and GTOG8TA.com recently released brand-new...

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Pontiac Forum

Gather Ye Knights at the Round Table
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Jokes "R" us-add them if you got them :)
One day in the future, OJ Simpson has a heart-attack and dies. He immediately goes to hell, where... more
6x-8 head porting question
Porting some 6X8 heads and I have some questions about the bumps inside the exhaust ports. These... more
re-clocking an alternator
Anyone know how the he!! to put an alt back together when it has to be re-clocked? The alt in my GP... more
fuel gauge
The fuel gauge in my 68 gto doesn't work. New fuel tank, good ground on tank. My alternater lite... more
Help with 350 Combo
Hey guys I'm new to the sight, and new to Ponchos to be honest. I just bought a 68 Firebird and I... more
Hello, I just found your forum. I've been reading and reading, whish I had my printer hooked up... more
'63 Grand Prix fog lights wiring
Hello Everybody, I'm Peter and live in the Netherlands (Europe). I already have a '81 Corvette but... more
Help 1970 400 Ram Air 3
I am new to the forum and not really a gearhead so I need help. My father in law past away last... more
1969 Grand Prix 3 speed manual production numbers
Hello, I am looking at a '69 Grand Prix factory 3 speed. Anyone know if there has been any... more
455 pontiac in 1979 TA, AC Brackets.
Background: I have a 1979 Trans AM that had a 403 olds engine and TH350 in it from the factory. I... more
1971 Le mans help
Looking for help with a Pontiac 350 V8 in my 1971 Pontiac Le Mans 4 door. Long story short, it... more
A litte refreshing
So this weekend i got acsess to where my car is stored for the winter. I got some new items that... more
66 A BODY rear glass window weld ribbon diameter for proper height
when setting the rear glass in a 66 A body.. what is the proper window weld ribbon... more
Ethyl's Twins - Precision 6266 on a 408
I appreciate you guys and gals following us on the Whipple build. We had a lot of fun with the... more
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