Car Show Winners

Ames Performance Best In Class
Full Size Ron Van Zytveld 1940 Sport Coupe
Grand Prix David Risner 1969 Grand Prix SJ
GTO/Judge Wade Ogle 1970 GTO Judge
Firebird/Trans Am Terry Greenleaf 2000 Trans Am WS6
Open Scott Swisher 1985 Fiero 2M6
Long Distance Mike Marsh 1962 Tempest
Editor’s Choice Awards
High Performance Pontiac Todd Pelow 1971 Formula 455 H.O.
Smoke Signals Gerald Rosinski 1965 Bonneville convertible

Class C-1 Custom/Pro Touring Full Size Pontiacs & Oakland
1st Charles Ide 1941 Torpedo 2-door convertible
Class C-2 Custom/Pro Touring GTO/Judge/Tempest/LeMans
1st Steve Disch 1964 GTO Convertible
Class C-3 Custom/Pro Touring Firebird & Trans Am
1st Mike Leggio 1978 Trans Am
Class C-4 Custom/Pro Touring Open
1st Nick Cacciacarro 2006 G6 two-door coupe
Class CTA Comp T/A All
1st Brian Niemann 1995 Comp T/A
Class F-1 Fiero Coupe/SE
1st Kim Albertson 1984 Fiero SE
Class F-2 Fiero GT
1st George Johnson 1985 Fiero GT
Class FB-1 Firebird 1967-1969
1st Tim Richards 1968 Firebird convertible
Class FB-2 Firebird 19701⁄2-1981 Including Formula
1st Todd Pelow 1971 Formula 455 H.O.
Class FB-4 Firebird 1993-2002 Including Formula
1st Nathan & Kristen Call 2002 Firebird Formula
Class FH-A
1st Gene Lease 1993 Firehawk
Class FH-B
1st Rick Keller 2002 Firehawk
Class GA-1 Grand Am 1973-1980 RWD
1st Jamey Gladden 1973 Grand Am
Class GA-3 Grand Am 1993-End Including G6
1st Angia Meese 2008 G6 GXP Coupe
Class GM-2 GMC All 1973 To Current
1st Dorman Scott 2012 Terrain 2-door
Class GP-1 Grand Prix 1962-1968
1st John Stearns 1967 Grand Prix
Class GP-2 Grand Prix 1969-1972 Including Hurst SSJ
1st David Duffney 1969 Grand Prix SJ 428 H.O.
Class GP-3 Grand Prix 1973-77 Including 50th Anniversary
1st Terry Norman 1974 Grand Prix
Class GP-4 Grand Prix 1978-1987 Including 2+2
1st Mark Grandon 1987 Grand Prix
Class GP-5 Grand Prix 1988-1996 Including STE, GTP, Pace Car
1st Andrew Baumea 1990 Grand Prix Turbo
Class GP-6 Grand Prix 1997-End Including STE, GTP, Pace Car
1st John Hilson 2002 GP GTP 40th Anniv.
Class GT-1 GTO 1964-1965
1st Brian De Gross 1965 GTO
Class GT-2 GTO 1966-1967
1st Denny Kloha 1967 GTO
Class GT-3 GTO 1968-1970
1st Stephen Lesko 1970 GTO
Class GT-4 GTO 1971-1974
1st Barbara Leiby 1971 GTO
Class GT-5 GTO 2004-2006
1st Brian Little 2005 GTO
Class JD GTO Judge All
1st Doug Cobb 1970 Judge
Class P-0 Pontiac Pre-War 1926-1942
1st Jim Barnhart 1939 Quality Six
Class P-1 Pontiac Post-War 1946-1954
1st Mike & Connie Young 1951 Chieftain
Class P-2 Pontiac 1955-1960
1st Joe Wheat 1958 Star Chief
Class P-3 Pontiac 1961-1965
1st Gerald Rosinski 1965 Bonneville
Class P-4 Pontiac 1966-1970
1st Marta & Devon Klotz 1966 Bonneville
Class P-5 Pontiac 1971-1986
1st Jen & Jon Saulnier 1978 Bonneville Brougham
Class P-6 Pontiac 1987-End
1st Robert Krewson 2009 G8 GT
Class Pro Pro Street Vehicles Cars & Trucks
1st Robert Staples 1969 Firebird
Class RC Race Car, Any Pontiac Bodied Competition Car
1st Mike Clay 1962 Catalina 2-door (was a 4-door)
Class SD Super Duty, Authentic ’62 & ’63 Stock Appearing
1st Frank Gilchrist 1963 Catalina Super-Duty
Class Sol Solstice All
1st Tom Moritz 2008 Solstice GXP roadster
Class SP-A Tempest/LeMans 1961
1st Greg Walters 1961 Tempest two-door coupe
Class SP-B Tempest/LeMans 1962
1st Don Casteel 1962 LeMans convertible
Class SP-C Tempest/LeMans 1963
1st Herman Ruple 1963 LeMans convertible
Class SP-D Tempest/LeMans/ Can Am 1964-1977
1st Pete Rust 1977 Can Am
Class ST-1 Street Full Size Pontiacs
1st Jack McVey 1962 Catalina
Class ST-2A Street Tempest/LeMans/T-37/GT-37
1st Bill Twigger 1973 LeMans Sport Coupe
Class ST-2B Street GTO 1964-1965
1st Orvil & Shirley Osche 1965 GTO
Class ST-2C Street GTO 1966-1967
1st Denton Gordon 1967 GTO
Class ST-2D Street GTO 1968-1970
1st Ralph Marsai 1969 GTO convertible
Class ST-2E Street GTO 1972-1974
1st Steve Cellucci 1972 GTO
Class St-2F Street GTO 2004-2006
1st David Eyster 2006 GTO
Class ST-3 A Street Firebird/Trans Am 1st & 2nd Generation
1st Jerry Brushaber 1976 Trans Am
Class ST-3B Street Firebird/Trans Am 3rd & 4th Generation
1st Jim & Linda Lucas 2001 Trans Am WS6
Class ST-4A Street Grand Prix 1962-1968
1st Richard Goe 1968 Grand Prix
Class ST-4B Street Grand Prix 1998-2008
1st Matt Levelle 2002 Grand Prix GTX
Class ST-5 Street Pontiac Open including all Grand Am
1st Chris Snyder 1986 Fiero SE
Class ST-6 Street GMC
1st Terry Frosch 2006 GMC Sierra Denali
Class SU Aztek, Transport, Montana, Vibe All Years
1st Joanne Nott 2001 Aztek
Class TA-1 Trans Am 1969-1974
1st Art Turpin 1969 Trans Am
Class TA-2A Trans Am 1972-1976
1st Ken Gosbeth 1972 Trans Am
Class TA-2B Trans Am 1977-1981
1st George Berg 1978 Trans Am
Class TA-3 Trans Am 1982-1992
1st Dave Clark 1984 Trans Am
Class TA-4 Trans Am 1993-2002 including GTA
1st Jack & Debra Soulidis 2000 Trans Am WS6
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