In the past three issues, High Performance Pontiac delivered exciting strip-pounding action from our Pavement Pounders Shootout, which we hosted at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

This private invitational, held the day prior to the annual Ames Performance Tri-Power Pontiac Nationals, gives classic and late-model Pontiac drag racers a chance to go for their best e.t.'s ever. This month, we pair two lickity-split LeMans. Both were optioned with low-performance V-8s from the factory but all that has changed, as their 10-second timeslips will prove. Let's meet the racers.

Jim May of Charlton, Massachusetts, sells tools to mechanic shops, but when on the track, his job is putting the hammer down on his '64 LeMans. It features a stroked 400/467 with Edelbrock heads, a Turbo 400, and 3.73 gears.

Joe Camp of Muncie, Indiana, is a retired power company substation mechanic, but there's still electricity in the air when he's on the dragstrip with his '71 "Judgement Day" LeMans. It's powered by a 428/434, factory cast-iron heads, a Turbo 400, and 4.10 gears.

Jim May

Jim, a 62-year-old tool-truck operator (shown here with his son, Andy), has been racing for four years. He bought his '64 LeMans in 2005 because he "had the parts to build a race car." It's special to him because he "loves its look." His favorite moment in it is "the first time strapping in the seat at the track." Jim has a herd of Goats in his collection, including a '67 convertible and hardtop, two '66 hardtops, and a '70 hardtop and convertible.

Strip Specs
Year/Model: '64 LeMans (with GTO trim)
Race Weight With Driver: 3,255 lbs
Curb Weight: 3,025 lbs
Fuel Level When Weighed: 5-gal
Fuel: 93 pump gas
Engine: '71 code-YS 400
Cubic Inches Before/After: 400/467
Engine Built By: Hess Machine & Balancing
Induction System
Air Cleaner: None
Carburetor: Holley 830-cfm
Jets: No. 84 square
Spacer Plate: 1-in, phenolic, open
Intake Manifold: Victor
Fuel System
Pump: Holley Blue
Lines: #10 to regulator, #8 to carb
Regulator: Holley, set to 6.5 psi
Casting: Edelbrock 87cc
Head Porting: Yes
Flow Numbers: 317 cfm intake
Valves: SS, 2.11/1.66-in
Bottom End
Pistons: Ross forged, 4.180-in
Rings: File to fit, 1⁄16, 1⁄16, 3⁄16-in
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Crankshaft: Eagle cast, 4.25-in stroke
Rotating Assembly Balanced: Yes
Brand: Comp Cams hydraulic roller
Duration at 0.050: 248/254-deg
Duration Advertised: N/A
Lift with Specified Rocker Arms: 0.618/0.581-in
Lobe Separation Angle: 110-deg
Installed Position: Straight up
Rocker Arms: Jesel shaft-mounted, 1.7:1 ratio
Distributor: MSD Pro-Billet
Amplifier: MSD 6AL
Coil: MSD Blaster
Wires: Taylor 8mm
Spark Plugs: NGK
Total Timing: 40-deg
Rpm Total Timing is Reached: N/A
Headers: Indian Adventures
Primaries: 1.75-in
Collectors: 3.00-in
Exhaust Pipes: None
Mufflers: None
Crossover: None
Transmission: Turbo 400 w/transbrake
Converter: ATI, 8-in, 4,200-stall
Shifter: Cheetah Turbo Action
Rear: 12-bolt
Rear Gear Ratio: 3.73
Spool: Unknown
Axles: Strange 33-spline
Chassis and Suspension
Brakes F/R: Strange discs / stock drums
Wheels F/R: Weld Draglite 15x3.5 / steel 15x8
Tires F/R: Moroso 15x4.5 / Hoosier 29x10x15 slicks
Tire Pressure F/R: 32 psi / 16 psi
Suspension Front
Springs: Stock
Shocks: Lakewood 90/10
Control Arms: Stock
Stabilizer Bar: None
Other Features: None
Suspension Rear
Type RJ Racecars ladder bar
Springs: Strange coilovers
Shocks: Strange
Stabilizer Bar: None
Other Features: None
Chassis Mods: None
The Rest
Interior Mods: 10-point cage, fiberglass seat, passenger and backseat removed
Exterior Mods: VFN front and rear bumpers, LeMans hood w/tall SD scoop, trunk lid, GlassTek front fenders
Safety Mods: Driveshaft loop, fire ext., 5-point harness, SFI-Approved drivetrain parts
Color: Grenadier Red
Launch Technique: Transbrake 3,800 rpm
Best 1⁄8-mile ET/MPH Prior to Event: 6.68/101
Best 1⁄4-mile ET/MPH Prior to Event: 10.55/125

Run/Tuning Launch RPM Shift Pt. 60-ft. 1/8-mile 1/4-mile
1. No. 82 jets, 14 psi in rear tires 3,400 6,300 1.50 6.88/98.41 10.89/121.69
2. No. 78 jets 3,400 6,300 1.49 6.84/98.33 10.82/122.00
3. Same 3,400 6,300 1.48 6.90/98.67 10.90/121.91
4. Same 3,400 6,300 1.49 6.86/98.85 10.87/121.52
5. No. 84 jets, 15 psi in rear tires 3,400 6,300 1.49 6.84/99.22 10.82/122.71
Best Pass Corrected 10.44/127.22
Run Notes: 1) Good launch and run; 2) Same; 3) Fair launch, not on chip for transbrake; 4) Good run; 5) Same.