A Barry Grant Six Shooter induction system, which consists of a specific aluminum intake manifold and a trio of Barry Grant two-barrel carburetors, feeds the mill, while a billet MSD Ready-To-Run distributor, Pertronix coil, and Taylor Pro-Series 8mm wires transfer spark to the AC Delco R45S plugs. A set of oversized H.O. manifolds from Ram Air Restoration Enterprises send spent gasses through a complete Flowmaster exhaust system.

Cap and Robin took possession of their GTO just before the 2008 POCI National Convention, which was held July of that year in Spearfish, South Dakota. Of the result, he says, “It turned out great. It’s exactly the way we would’ve ordered it new if we could have. It’s just a monster when you put your foot into it. It also handles great with the upgraded sway bars, shocks, and brakes. I had a fantastic time when I entered it in an auto-cross event at a past GTOAA convention.”

“This GTO is so special to me because it not only reminds me of my very first car, but also because now Robin shares my same passion for it and the Pontiac hobby. She’s my best friend and we really are a team in life.

Like every red-blooded performance enthusiast, Cap dreamed of owning a Tri-Power– equipped GTO, and his initial plan included just that, but it didn’t stay that way for long

“When we first bought it, we wanted to hook up with other GTO owners, so we attended our first GTOAA Convention in 2005. Many new friendships began that year because of our GTO, and though we didn’t expect any awards, we were astonished to find it took Second in the Popular Vote class!”

Since the restoration, the GTO has gone on to take home numerous other First Place or Best In Class awards at various shows, but also cherished Gold awards in the Concourse Modified class at the past five GTOAA Conventions, scoring 97 percent or better, and a Best of Show trophy at the Indian Uprising event in Chicago in 2010.

When asked what future modifications or improvements the Proffitts have planned for their GTO, Cap replies, “Nothing really. We’re just going to continue enjoying it. It always turns heads and gets thumbs-up, and that’s a great feeling.”

With the trunkful of esteemed awards and the public’s overwhelming approval displayed anytime it’s on the road, most would agree that there’s little chance of further improving this GTO!