Strip Specs
Year/Model: '62 Catalina
Race Weight With Driver: 4,025 lbs
Curb Weight: 3,785 lbs
Fuel Level When Weighed: 10-gal
Fuel: 110-octane
Engine: 1970 code-YH 455
Cubic Inches Before/After: 455/463
Induction System
Air Cleaner: None
Carburetor: Holley Double Pumper, 800-cfm
Jets: #82/#84, blocked power valve
Spacer Plate: None
Intake Manifold: Performer RPM
Fuel System
Pump: Holley Blue
Lines: 1/2-in, aluminum
Regulator: Holley, set to 7 psi
Casting: '69 No. 48
Head Porting: None
Flow Numbers: N/A
Valves: Ferrea, stainless-steel, 2.11/1.77-in
Bottom End
Pistons: TRW, forged, flat-top, 4.185-in, 4-eyebrow
Rings: Manley file-to-fit, 1⁄16-, 1⁄16-, 3⁄16-in
Rods: Stock 6.625-inch
Compression Ratio: 11:1 approximately
Crankshaft: Factory nodular-iron, 4.210-in stroke
Rotating Assembly Balanced: Yes
Brand: Ultradyne hydraulic flat-tappet
Duration at 0.050: 231/239-deg
Duration Advertised: 288/296-deg
Lift With Specified Rocker Arms: 0.485/0.507-in
Lobe Separation Angle: 110-deg
Installed Position: 106-deg
Rocker Arms: Stock 1.5:1
Distributor: MSD Pro-Billet
Amplifier: MSD 6A
Coil: MSD Blaster
Wires: ACCEL 8.8mm
Spark Plugs: AC Delco R43S
Total Timing: 33-deg
RPM total timing is reached: 2,500
Headers: Cyclone three-tube
Primaries: 1.75-in
Collectors: 3.00-in
Exhaust Pipes: None
Mufflers: None
Crossover: None
Transmission: Turbo 400 built by Coan
Converter: Coan 10-in, 3,500-stall
Shifter: Hurst Auto Stick 3
Rear: Stock
Rear Gear Ratio: 3.90
Spool: Homemade by a machinist in the late '60s
Axles: Moser, 31-spline
Chassis and Suspension
Brakes F/R: Stock drum
Wheels F/R: Cragar Super Tricks 15x3.5 / Wheel Vintiques Rallye II 15x8
Tires F/R: . .Moroso 7.60x15 / Pheonix 28.5x9x15 slicks
Tire Pressure F/R: 36-psi / 16-psi
Suspension Front
Springs: Stock
Shocks: Lakewood 70/30
Control Arms: Stock
Stabilizer Bar: None
Other Features: None
Suspension Rear
Springs: Stock
Shocks: Competition Engineering 50/50
Control Arms: Stock, boxed
Stabilizer Bar: None
Other Features: Raised upper mounting points on axle housing, shortened upper control arms, homemade aluminum bushings with steel sleeves
Chassis Mods: None
The Rest
Interior Mods: Auto Meter tach, Hurst shifter
Exterior Mods: Super-Duty hoodscoop
Safety Mods: Driveshaft safety loop, fuel cell
Color: Black Laquer
Launch Technique: 2,000 rpm on footbrake
Best 1/8-mile ET/MPH Prior to Event: 7.64/87.50
Best 1/4-mile ET/MPH Prior to Event: 12.15/108.90

Brent Flynn

Brent, age 43, is a machinist for Bastin's Custom Fabricating when he's not gigging or racing. He started racing in 1986. His father, David, bought what is now Brent's '62 Catalina for $75 in 1973. "I still remember the day he pulled it home," Brent says. His favorite moments in it involve his father: driving it—with open headers and slicks—to his grandmother's house, when Brent was seven or eight years old; breaking into the 13s back in 1979 with a bone-stock 455; and running the NMCA series in 2005, where he finished Ninth in class. When David passed away in 2006, Brent inherited the car. Brent also owns a strip-only '68 Firebird and a '72 LeMans station wagon with the Endura nose option.

Strip Tuning Log
Run/Tuning Launch RPM Shift Pt. 60-ft. 1/8-mile 1/4-mile
1. 32-deg timing, #82/#84 jets, 16 psi in rear tires 2,000 5,300 1.64 7.78/86.18 12.40/105.33
2. 17 psi in rear tires 2,000 5,300 1.62 7.75/86.35 12.37/105.23
3. #79 primary jets 2,000 5,300 1.62 7.74/86.43 12.35/105.68
4. Same 2,000 5,300 1.63 7.77/86.25 12.38/105.95
5. Same 2,000 5,300 1.64 7.75/86.85 12.32/106.83
Best Pass CORRECTED 11.86/111.00
Run Notes: 1) Shake-out run, nice straight pass, hooked hard; 2) Even better run; 3) Engine liked the leaner jets on the hot day, picked up all the way through the pass; 4) Same, but lost some time on the 60-foot due to the heat; 5) Rolled in further to try to improve reaction time.