Strip Specs
Year/Model: '68 GTO
Race Weight With Driver: 3,840
Curb Weight: 3,680
Fuel Level When Weighed: 1⁄2-tank
Fuel: 93-octane
Engine: 1972 code-YC 455
Cubic Inches Before/After: 455/464
Engine Built By: B&K Racing in North Bloomfield, Ohio, and owner
Induction System
Air Cleaner: '68 GTO Ram Air, K&N filter
Carburetor: Quadrajet, 800-cfm
Jets: . .0.074, 0.046 primary rods, CC secondary rods
Spacer Plate: None
Intake Manifold: Stock
Fuel System
Pump: RobbMc 1100 Mechanical
Lines: -10AN tank to pump, -8AN pump to regulator, 3⁄8-in to carb
Regulator: Mallory, set to 6.5 psi
Casting: Edelbrock
Head Porting: Yes, SD Performance
Flow Numbers: 330/247 at 0.600-in lift at 28 inches of pressure
Valves: Ferrea stainless steel, 2.20/1.74-in
Bottom End
Pistons: Ross forged-aluminum, 4.191-in, dished
Rings: Total Seal, 1⁄16-, 1⁄16-, 3⁄16-in
Rods: SCAT H-beam, forged-steel, 6.625-in
Compression Ratio: 10.8:1
Crankshaft: '72 nodular-iron, 4.210-in stroke
Rotating Assembly Balanced: Yes
Brand: . SD Performance "Old Faithful" hydraulic-roller, Crower solid-roller lifters, 0.008-in hot lash
Duration at 0.050: 236/245-deg
Duration Advertised: 289/306-deg
Lift with Specified Rocker Arms: 0.641/0.647-in
Lobe Separation Angle: 112-deg
Installed Position: +4 deg
Rocker Arms: Harland Sharp 1.65:1 (1.71:1 actual)
Distributor: Stock, Pertronix III points eliminator
Amplifier: Pertronix
Coil: Pertronix
Wires: Pertronix 7mm
Spark Plugs: Autolite 3924
Total Timing: 39-deg
Rpm That Total Timing is Reached: 3,100
Headers: Hedman
Primaries: 1.75-in
Collectors: 3.00-in
Exhaust Pipes: 3.00-in headpipes, 2.500-in tails
Mufflers: Dynomax UltraFlo 2.500-in
Crossover: Pypes X-type
Transmission: Turbo 350, manual/auto by Carl Rossler
Converter: Continental 10-in, 3,300-rpm stall
Shifter: '68 Hurst Dual-Gate
Rear: Kenny Thomas 12-bolt
Rear Gear Ratio: 3.42:1
Posi: Moroso
Axles: Moser 30-spline
Chassis and Suspension
Brakes F/R: Stock 9.5-in drum / 9.5-in drum
Wheels F/R: Pontiac Rally 15x7 / 15x8
Tires F/R: Infinity 205/75R15 / Hoosier Quick Time Pro DOT 27x10x15
Tire Pressure F/R: 45 psi / 22 psi
Suspension Front
Springs: Tempest six-cylinder
Shocks: Lakewood 70/30
Control Arms: Stock
Stabilizer Bar: None
Other Features: Power steering
Suspension Rear
Springs: Stock
Shocks: CE Drag, set to full stiff
Control Arms: .SSM boxed upper, UMI tubular lower
Stabilizer Bar: 0.875-in
Other Features: Passenger-side airbag at 15 psi
Chassis Mods: None
The Rest
Interior Mods: None
Exterior Mods: None
Safety Mods: Driveshaft loop, 1⁄2-in wheel studs, Ford housing ends w/pressed-on axle bearings, no C-clips
Color: Alpine Blue
Launch Technique: 1,000-1,200 footbrake
Best 1/8-mile ET/MPH Prior to Event: 7.28/95.08
Best 1/4-mile ET/MPH Prior to Event: 11.43/118.55

Tom Scala Tom, 50 years old, has been racing for 20-plus years. He bought his '68 GTO in 1986, after searching for a '66 and not finding one. "It's special to me because I learned a lot working on it through the years, and we've kind of grown up together," he says. His favorite moment in his GTO is "winning the Factory Stock Heads-Up class at the old Supercar Showdown in Salem, Ohio." He has previously owned a '61 Bonneville, a '67 Tempest Sprint convertible, and a '69 Firebird.

Strip Tuning Log
Run/Tuning Launch RPM Shift Pt. 60-ft. 1/8-mile 1/4-mile
1. 38-deg timing, 0.074 jets, CE rods, 20 psi in rear tires, 12 psi in passenger air bag 1,200 4,500 1.94 9.01/74.92 14.31/91.93
2. CC rods 1,200 5,000 1.88 8.94/74.16 14.28/91.43
3. Same 1,200 5,000 1.88 9.08/73.40 14.51/90.06
4. 21 psi in rear tires 1,000 5,500/5,300 1.67 7.39/93.40 11.63/115.38
5. Same 800 5,500/5,300 1.66 7.38/93.42 11.63/115.58
Best Pass Corrected 11.20/120.10
Run Notes: 1) Short shifted, feels dead; 2) Not pulling at all, not missing, just no power; 3) Something is very wrong, no power; 4) That's more like it; 5) Consistent.