Owner Bio: Charles Lombardi Sr.
As with the '69 Bird in this Shootout, the driver of the '71 GTO is not actually the owner. "I brought the car to my cousin Peter Germani's house as a surprise," Charles says. "He was looking for a car, and I found this one. I contacted the seller and negotiated the deal without Peter knowing. When Peter called again to buy the car, the seller told him it was sold. I shipped it to Rhode Island and then delivered it to him. The look on his face was priceless. Only his wife and my son knew what I had done. Needless to say, Peter was extremely happy to have it. Many cruise nights, drag races, and much family fun has been experienced because of this GTO." Aside from doing nice things for his family, 63-year-old Charles takes care of a whole town as part of his duties as the mayor of North Providence, Rhode Island.

Strip Tuning Log
Run/TuningLaunch RPMShift Pt.60-ft.1/8-mile1/4-mile
1 Baseline tune2,2005,0001.908.18/87.1112.69/109.10
2 Same2,4005,200/5,0001.928.12/87.5312.62/109.59
3 Same2,6005,0002.108.31/87.9712.78/110.34
4 Same2,6005,2001.968.16/87.0312.68/108.90
5 Same2,6005,0001.908.10/87.9112.58/111.05
Best Pass Corrected12.35/113.10
Run Notes: 1) Car hooked well, car warm; 2) Shifted earlier, car hot; 3) Launch rpm raised and tires spun; 4) Car hooked well, higher shift rpm not good for 2-3 shift; 5) Track was great, rolled into the throttle faster
Strip Specs
Year/Model’71 GTO 455 H.O.
Race Weight With Driver3,845 lbs
Curb Weight3,690 lbs
Fuel Level When Last Weighed½ tank
FuelVP 110-octane
Engine Size’71 455 H.O., code YE
Cubic Inches Before/After455/462
Engine Built ByGlasgo & Co.
Induction System
Air CleanerOEM dual-snorkel
CarburetorNOS 1971 Q-Jet
Primary Jets0.074-in
Primary Metering Rods0.043-in
Secondary Metering RodsCC
Secondary HangerG
Intake ManifoldOEM aluminum
Fuel System
PumpAC Delco
CastingNo. 197, OEM virgin
Head PortingNone
Flow NumbersN/A
ValvesStock GM 2.11/1.77-in
Bottom End
PistonsRoss forged, +0.030-in, domed
RingsChilds & Albert Z-gap
RodsEagle forged, 6.625-in
Compression Ratio9.9:1
Crankshaft: OEM nodular iron, 4.210-in stroke
Rotating Assembly BalancedYes
BrandBullet Cams hydraulic
Duration at 0.050212/225-deg
Duration Advertised288/302-deg
Lift with specified rocker arms0.425/0.425-in
Lobe Separation Angle112-deg
Installed Position109-deg
Rocker ArmsCrane 1.50:1
DistributorOEM points-type
Spark PlugsAC R43S
Total Timing38-deg
RPM That Total Timing is Reached2,200
ManifoldsOEM H.O.
Exhaust Pipes2.5-in
MufflersDynoMax Ultra-Flo
CrossoverPypes X-type
TransmissionOriginal Turbo-400
ConverterGM 2,000-rpm stall
RearGM 12-bolt
Rear Gear Ratio3.55:1
AxlesMoser Engineering
Chassis and Suspension
Brakes F/RStock disc/drum, manual
Wheels F/R14x6-in Rally II
Tires F/RGoodyear G70-14
Tire Pressure F/R45 psi/40 psi
Suspension Fr: 
SpringsMoog coil
Control ArmsStock
Stabilizer BarStock 1.125 in
ShocksAC Delco
Suspension Rr:  
Control ArmsStock
Stabilizer BarStock
Chassis ModsNone
The Rest
Safety ModsNone
PaintDuPont Chroma Base two-stage
Launch TechniqueBrake torque to 1,800, converter flashes to 2,200 rpm
Best 1/8-mile E.T./MPH prior to event7.94/89.20
Best 1/4-mile E.T./MPH prior to event12.42/110.8