Each year, Steve Barcak invites HPP to run a Pavement Pounders Shootout during his Pontiac Heaven show and drag race at Speedworld Dragstrip in Wittmann, Arizona, and each year we take him up on his gracious offer. For 2011, we’ll present some great Pontiacs over the next few issues of HPP. For our first go-round, let’s meet the racers and their machines.

Tim Corcoran brought his ’65 LeMans (with a Tempest grille to reduce weight) from his home in nearby Phoenix. The A-body runs a potent 473ci 455, backed by a Turbo 400 and 3.73:1 rear gears. This combo runs solidly in the mid-10s. However, his engine has seen many street miles and track passes. Will it perform up to Tim’s expectations for our Shootout?

John Marble trailered his ’68 Firebird in from Tucson, Arizona. With 541 cubes, a Powerglide, 4.30:1 gears, and steamroller-sized rear slicks, John is currently running in the mid-9s. Will weather and track conditions allow him to maintain that performance?

Weather Report

During the Shootout, the temperature rose from 76 degrees to a high of 93 degrees. Humidity dropped from 21 percent down to 13 percent, as did barometric pressure, from 29.78 to 29.65 hg over the day. Density altitude was calculated at 3,700 feet.

Given this weather information, we will provide corrected e.t.’s and trap speeds to chart the theoretical best performance at sea level, and we’ll do on the best pass only, based on e.t.