Strip Specs

Year/Model: ’68 LeMans convertible
Race Weight With Driver: 3,985 lbs
Curb Weight: 3,790 lbs
Fuel Level When Weighed: 1⁄2-tank
Fuel: . . . 5-gal, 93-octane mixed with 10-gal 110-octane
Engine: ’68 code-YH 428
Cubic Inches Before/After: 428/428
Engine Built By: Bloss Machine

Induction System
Air Cleaner: Open-element, 14-inch-diameter
Carburetor: Q-jet, 750-cfm
Jets: .0.074 primary, 0.046 primary rods, AY secondary rods
Spacer Plate: None
Intake Manifold: Crosswinds dual-plane

Fuel System
Pump: Carter mechanical
Lines: 3⁄8-in
Regulator: None

Casting: No. 16
Head Porting: No
Flow Numbers: Unknown
Valves: 2.11/1.77-in

Bottom End
Pistons: TRW forged replacement
Rings: Stock replacement
Rods: Stock
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Crankshaft: Stock 4.00-in stroke
Rotating Assembly Balanced: N/A

Brand: Comp Cams hydraulic flat-tappet
Duration at 0.050: 224/230-deg
Duration Advertised: 268/280-deg
Lift with Specified Rocker Arms: 0.477/0.480-in
Lobe Separation Angle: 110-deg
Installed Position: Straight up
Rocker Arms: Comp Cams 1.52:1, roller-tip

Distributor: Proform HEI
Amplifier: MSD Streetfire
Coil: HEI
Wires: MSD 8mm
Spark Plugs: AC45
Total Timing: 38-deg
Rpm That Total Timing is Reached: 2,400

Headers: Doug’s
Primaries: 1.75-in
Collectors: 3.00-in
Exhaust Pipes: 2.50-in, with exhaust cutouts
Mufflers: Pypes Street Pro 2.50-in, 2.50-in tailpipes
Crossover: Pypes

Transmission: Muncie M20
Clutch: Unknown
Shifter: Hurst Comp. Plus
Rear: GM 12-bolt
Rear Gear Ratio: 3.23
Posi: Stock GM
Axles: Stock GM

Chassis and Suspension
Brakes F/R: Stock 9.5-inch drum
Wheels F/R: Rally I 15x7 (reproductions)
Tires F/R: Cooper Cobra 235/60R15 / BFG 275/60R15 Drag Radials
Tire Pressure F/R: 35 psi / varies
Suspension Front
Springs: Stock replacement
Shocks: Monroe-matic
Control Arms: Stock
Stabilizer Bar: 1.25-in
Other Features: None
Suspension Rear
Springs: Stock
Shocks: Stock replacement
Control Arms: PMI tubular w/poly bushings
Stabilizer Bar: .875-in
Other Features: None
Chassis Mods: Airbags for rear springs, 5 psi (left), 15 psi (right)

The Rest
Interior Mods: In-dash tachometer, four-point seatbelts (rear)
Exterior Mods: None
Safety Mods: Driveshaft loop
Color: Flambeau Burgundy
Launch Technique: 1,500-3,000 and dump clutch
Best 1/8-mile ET/MPH Prior to Event: 9.00/79.65
Best 1/4-mile ET/MPH Prior to Event: 14.00/100.00

Howard Botting

Howard, a 45-year-old teacher, has been racing for three years. He purchased his ’68 LeMans in 2005, because he “wanted a musclecar to have fun with and to use for hands-on learning for me, not my students.” According him, “My favorite moment in it was running 14 seconds at 100 mph.” Howard also owns an ’07 Vibe. “Don’t laugh. It’s the wife’s car,” he says.

Strip Tuning Log

Run/Tuning Launch RPM Shift Point 60-foot 1/8-mile 1/4-mile
1. 32-deg timing, 30 psi in rear tires 4,000 5,400 2.43 9.96/78.52 15.02/97.82
3. 34-deg timing, 28 psi in rear tires 3,000 4,700 2.20 9.41/74.21 14.62/96.09
4. 36-deg timing 3,500 5,400 2.11 9.06/77.47 14.16/97.52
7. 40-deg timing, 25 psi in rear tires, open dumps 3,000 4,700 2.36 9.64/74.48 14.80/97.10
10. 20 psi in rear tires, close dumps 3,000 5,400 2.12 9.05/79.16 14.12/97.66
Best Pass Corrected 13.68/98.69
Run Notes: 1) Spun bad at line; 3) Bog at line; 4) Bogged at line, but less than previous pass; 7) Spun at line, let off, then got back in; 10) Bogged a bit. (Five most important passes shown.)