MSD Performance’s new DynaForce Race Alternator is as serious about drag racing as you are. It’s constructed from a dual-plane, balanced-rotor assembly, which delivers high-rpm precision and reliability. This alternator is blueprinted and hand-assembled to ensure proper operation and longevity; is rated at 100 amps; easily switches between 12- and 16-volt charging; and includes a fan baffle to protect the belt. It’s built in the USA from brand-new components, and retails for $359.95.

MSD Performance: (915) 857-5200;

No Turbulence Ahead

JMS Chip & Performance’s new Mass Air Modifier for ’08-or-newer LS-style MAF sensors accurately scales and filters the mass air signal to eliminate driveability or idle issues, and pegging the MAF on supercharged or turbocharged cars. (Owners of LS1 or LS2 engines get the extra benefit of being able to retrofit a wider-range ’08-or-newer sensor to their engines.) You can choose from 16 filter ranges and target specific voltage areas to smooth the MAF signal, or extend the range of the MAF for optimal performance. The unit features advanced electronics, an OEM-grade plug-and-play wiring harness with a shielded cable, and additional cables for 0-5 volt signal input. According to the company, “Tuners will benefit greatly from this innovative concept. Now they can quickly change the mass air signal in real time on the dyno, and see instant results via basic OBD-II data logging.” Be sure to specify your application when ordering. The price is $429.

JMS Chip & Performance: (601) 766-9424;

Chill a Little Longer

A/C Pro’s new ACP-400 is a reusable, long-length recharge hose and gauge, which fits all standard R-134a refrigerant cans. The hose is twice as long as what you’ll find in most other kits, allowing access to hard-to-reach low-pressure ports with relative ease. The psi gauge—40 percent larger than those in previous-generation A/C Pro kits—provides easy viewing and accurate measurements when recharging your Pontiac’s air-conditioning system. The price is $24.99.

A/C Pro: (888) 318-5454;

Open and Shut Case

Steele Rubber Products’ new door seals for ’68-’69 Firebirds are accurate reproductions of the OE originals thanks to a heat-and-ozone-resistant rubber compound that ensures proper thickness and density; correct-length perimeter weatherstrip, brass-core molded ends, and precisely aligned retaining pins. These seals have been painstakingly reproduced from originals and then refitted back onto actual vehicles to ensure proper fit and performance. They are made in the USA, come with a money-back guarantee, and retail for $108 per pair.

Steele Rubber Products: (800) 447-0849;

Straight Shooter

Classic Tube’s “open-side” tube-straightening tool promises to perfectly straighten any tubing from 1⁄8 to 1⁄2-inch outer diameter (OD). It features five hard-anodized aluminum dies to compress the tube and straighten it, and a flanged bottom that will securely fit into a vise or can be bench-mounted using pre-drilled holes. The price is $275.

Classic Tube: (800) 882-3711;