Pick a Color

TCP Global has a terrific website engineered for Pontiac owners. Go to www.autocolorlibrary.com, pick your vehicle's year and brand (of course, we mean Pontiac!), and a copy of the original PPG/Ditzler paint chart appears on your computer screen. When applicable, you'll also have the option of viewing a separate Interior Colors paint chart, which is valuable for identifying and matching the correct interior paints used on the dash, A-pillars, door panels, and other cabin trim.

Of course, if you're thinking of a color swap, you can easily display any exterior color from Pontiac's (or any other brand's) entire history. For example, if you want to substitute '98 GM California Gold, which was found on a limited number of Trans Ams that year, for Tiger Gold on your GTO, you can display both color chips side by side, and even order spray-out cards of both to help you make up your mind before you commit. (Thanks to '66 GeeTO Tiger owner and Pontiac dignitary Jim Wangers for pointing out this example!)


HPP recently spent a day at TCP Global to see how paint is ordered, color-matched, manufactured, verified, and shipped. The company doesn't give tours to the public, but the accompanying photos show how it all happens.

TCP Global
San Diego