In Part 2, we will install the rear leaf springs, body bushings, and rear sway bar, and then dive deep into the results of testing on a standardized slalom course and skidpad. Hang on as we push the T/A to the limits to determine how well the stock suspension and restoration-style wheel/tire combination perform, then up the ante and show you a comprehensive package that can go head to head with many late-model performance sports cars.

Supplies Required
Prybar Cut-off wheel
Penetrating oil Metric socket set
Metric wrenches Torque wrench
Drill and drill bits Pole jack
Floor jack Coilspring Compressor
Sledgehammer Ball-Joint Separator tool
SAE wrenches and sockets

Torque Specifications
Fastener Torque (ft-lb)
Nut, lower ball joint to steering knuckle 90 (not to exceed 120 ft-lb)
Nut, lower control arm pivot bolt 80
Nut, upper ball joint to control arm 9
Nut, upper ball joint to steering knuckle 50 (not to exceed 80 ft-lb)
Nut, upper control arm cross-shaft end 50
Nut, upper control arm cross-shaft to frame 75
Nut, shock-absorber upper stud 10
Nut, sway bar end link 25
Nut, wheel lug 70
Bolt, brake caliper 35

Pro-Touring F-Body
Whiteside Customs
2421 E. University Drive
Building 2112
TX  75069