Stock-Radial T/A Modified-Radial T/A
Slalom MPH 55 60
*Lateral g's (avg.) 0.76 0.77
Stock YO/Comp2 Modified YO/Comp2
Slalom MPH 62 65
*Lateral g's (avg.) 0.82 0.87
T/A-Testing Tire Pressure RF/LF Tire Pressure RR/LR
Stock Radial TA 38.0/38.0 38.0/38.0
Modified Radial TA 38.0/38.0 38.0/38.0
Stock BFG Comp2 35.5/35.5 35.5/35.5
Modified BFG Comp2 30.5/30.5 34.0/33.5
All pressures noted are optimal pressures achieved during best runs.

Test Parameters

Testing was conducted on a 600-foot slalom course and 200-foot skidpad. Both courses were concrete rather than asphalt, and had incongruities inherent in them that would affect the results compared to dedicated testing facilities run on asphalt that were perfectly flat and concentric. In order to determine if the slalom and skidpad were skewing the results, we utilized a '13 Cadillac CTS-V wagon to benchmark against published tests and then adjusted the skidpad numbers to be reflective of a standard course. No adjustments were made to the slalom numbers.

'13 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon
Slalom mph 67
Slalom mph N/A
Lateral g's (avg.) 0.79 (unadjusted)
Lateral g's (avg.) 0.91
*Adjustment Factor 1.422
'76 Trans Am
Slalom mph 54.9
Lateral g's 0.785
'00 Trans Am WS6
Slalom mph 64.6
Lateral g's 0.84

Tools and Supplies
Prybar Cut-off wheel Penetrating oil Metric socket set Metric wrenches Torque wrench Drill and drill bits Pole jack Floor jack

Torque Specifications
Fastener Torque (ft-lb)
Bolt: shock-absorber lower retaining 10
Bolt: shock absorber, upper retaining 20
Bolt: spring and shock absorber anchor plate 40

Wheels and Tires

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