Shake It Up

Classic Industries now offers reproduction Shaker scoop components for Second-Generation Trans Ams. The Shakers are manufactured to factory specifications from fiberglass as original, and the bases are made from stamped steel. OE-style rubber seals are sold separately. Versions are available for '70-'76 (these scoops are closed, unlike the '70-'72 originals), '77-'81, and even the 301 and 403 (Olds) engines. Contact Classic Industries for pricing.

Classic Industries;

Lead the Pack

Total Seal's new ring packs promise the latest in ring technology for most engine-bore sizes from 4.000 through 4.2500 inch. That means a 1.1mm (0.043-inch) Arcelor Piling (AP) steel top ring, ductile-iron Napier second ring (in most sets where available), and a new oil ring, which is available in standard low- and high-tension configurations. According to the manufacturer, the rings' reduced stack height permits the use of a piston with a very short compression height, and that opens up your possibilities for longer connecting rods and/or increased strokes, while keeping the wristpin out of the oil-ring groove. They're suitable for normally aspirated, turbo, forced induction, and nitrous applications. Prices start at approximately $275 a set.

Total Seal;

Get a Handle On It

Performance Years' and's new line of replacement door handles for late-model Trans Ams and Firebirds, GTOs (exterior only), and G8s come in two styles: OE replacement or a hydro-dipped, carbon-fiber-weave pattern. Both promise the same feel as factory originals, but are more durable and won't scratch as easily. Prices start at $69 per set.

Performance Years;

Mrs. Clean

Mothers' Back-to-Black Heavy-Duty Trim Cleaner kit deep-cleans your Pontiac's exterior trim and textured plastics to a like-new luster. With this product, unsightly oxidation, dirt, road grime, and even stubborn embedded wax are things of the past. The kit includes a 12-ounce bottle of Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner and a Deep Cleansing Trim Brush at a price of $9.99.