Hey Buddy, Spare A Quarter

Goodmark Industries introduces three new long-awaited products for the '70-'73 Trans Am and Firebird. First up is an OE-style full quarter-panel that includes doorjambs and sail panels. It's stamped from 0.8mm-thick steel, and coated in electrophoretically deposited paint (EDP) for superior corrosion resistance. Also available is a steel front valance and a six-piece rear-bumper bracket set ('70-'72). Contact Goodmark for pricing.

Goodmark Industries; www.goodmarkindustries.com

May the Force be with You

Centerforce introduces its DYAD Drive System DFX Multi-Disc Clutch for '98-'05 Pontiacs, including the V-8 Firebird and GTO. It features a fully dampened clutch system developed for extreme power levels, a patented ball-bearing pressure plate, and a multi-disc floating-disc and drive-disc design. According to the manufacturer, it has a positive engagement and light pedal effort, and is rated up to 1,500 ft-lb at the flywheel. The kit includes pressure plate, DFX disc set, floater, low-inertia steel flywheel, alignment tool, pilot bearing, and hardware. The price is $1,715.28.

Centerforce; www.centerforce.com

To Preserve and Protect

The Eastwood Company's new Patina Preserver creates a safe, invisible barrier between weathered paint, worn metal, and natural elements to prevent rust and further deterioration. Patina Preserver is great for classic Pontiacs that have a race pedigree or other historical significance that you want to maintain. A 14-ounce can retails for $9.99.

The Eastwood Company; www.eastwood.com

Seal of the Century

BOP Engineering announces the most advanced rear main seal on the market for the '59-'81 Pontiac V-8. This revolutionary one-piece design features state-of-the-art innovations, including relocation of the parting line, a more pliable construction, and double lips that provide twice the protection against leakage as conventional seals. The price is $49.99.

BOP Engineering; www.bopengineering.com