Two for You

Edelbrock's new Performer RPM CNC cylinder heads feature a revised combustion-chamber design and relocated spark plug location for improved performance. Choose from 87cc chambers (excellent street performance on low-octane fuel) or 72cc (best suited for high-compression engines). Both are patterned after the port-flange configuration of the '69-'70 Ram Air IV cylinder head. They come pre-assembled with specific spring packages for your choice of hydraulic flat-tappet or hydraulic roller cams. The price is $1,199 per head.


LED, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Philips new LED headlamps add high-powered lighting performance to any classic Pontiac. Designed as a direct replacement for [T-3] 7-inch/round or 5x7-inch/rectangular headlamps, these new shiners are built with the same innovative Philips Luxeon Altilon LED technology used in the latest luxury and exotic cars and trucks. The lamps are built with a military-grade, die-cast aluminum housing for maximum durability; polycarbonate lenses to prevent yellowing and scratches; a hardened epoxy coating to resist vibration and shock; and a waterproof, breathable design that allows heat to escape and prevents condensation. The price is $399 each.


Need for Speed

California Performance Transmission's (CPT) new Speedo Correction Adapter restores your speedometer's accuracy without you having to source drive and driven gears and laboriously install them in your transmission. How? Use a GPS device or your cell phone. When the GPS speed registers 50 mph, read the speed indicated on your Pontiac's speedometer and send it to CPT. The company will calculate the correction ratio, gear the adapter appropriately, and send it to you. Simply screw the adapter inline between your transmission's speedo drive and the speedometer cable, and your mph will read with pinpoint accuracy. It works on manuals and automatics. The price is $75.

California Performance Transmission;

Oh, What a Relief It Is!

Pour in DEI's Radiator Relief and reduce coolant temperature up to 30 degrees, prevent overheating, and warm up your engine twice as quick as a 50/50 antifreeze/water mixture. Radiator Relief makes your cooling system more efficient by reducing surface tension (this lets the coolant act like it is closer to the metal). It also conditions your cooling system to reduce pre-existing scale buildup while inhibiting new deposits. One bottle treats your entire cooling system for the life of the coolant. The price is $9.97.