The 32nd Annual Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show, better known as SEMA, attracted 2,381 exhibitors and a record number of 126,000-plus attendees, all supporting a resurgent aftermarket boasting over $31 billion in sales last year.

The good news for High Performance Pontiac readers is that a strong aftermarket means continued service and parts availability for both early- and late-model Pontiacs. To that end, we looked through over 2,200 new products introduced at SEMA 2013 to find those designed to help your Pontiac run faster, stop shorter, corner harder, and look better.

Whichever products you choose for your Pontiacs, be sure to let these companies know you read about them in High Performance Pontiac!

Quiet Ride Solutions

(888) 777-3410

What is it? AcoustiHood Underhood Cover and Insulation Kit

Why you need it? Anything that makes your Pontiac look and sound better while making it more comfortable is a win-win.

Description: Available with a custom embossed vehicle or engine-size logo or smooth (restoration style), AcoustiHood covers and insulates the underside of your Pontiac's hood and complements the finished look of your engine compartment.

The kit includes a pre-cut, ready-to-install ABS cover panel, which is placed over a heat-shield thermal-acoustic barrier insulation within the rib structure of the hood panel. Kits include mounting hardware and installation instructions. Each AcoustiHood is year, make, and model specific, and cut and drilled to fit the hood perfectly.

Applications: '67-'02 Firebirds and Trans Ams, '64-'72 GTO and LeMans, '69-'72 Grand Prix, and '78-'80 Grand Prix, LeMans and Grand Am

MSRP: $169 (smooth)/$239-$269 (3D molded logo)


(952) 985-5675

What is it? GM Pro Coilsprings

Why you need it? Cast-iron V-8–equipped Pontiacs need beefy springs to maintain proper ride height, suspension geometry, and handling characteristics.

Description: QA1's 600 and 650-lb/in springs provide performance handling for Pontiacs with heavy frontends. These 10-inch conical springs can be purchased separately or with QA1 GM Pro Coil Systems, making it easy to upgrade your front suspension setup. The 600-lb/in spring will support Pontiacs with a front-end weight of 2,201 to 2,300 pounds and the 650-lb/in spring will support Pontiacs with a front-end weight between 2,301 to 2,400 pounds.

These springs have a silver powdercoated finish for excellent longevity and a great appearance. They are manufactured in the USA using the high-quality materials for strength, consistency, and durability. They come with a lifetime guaranty to remain within two percent of their original free height and rate under normal operating conditions.

Applications: Classic Pontiac A-, F-, and G-bodies

MSRP: $74.95 each

Hellwig Products

(800) 435-5944

What is it? FrameFX

Why you need it? You don't want your upgraded engine and suspension to be held back by a flimsy stock chassis.

Description: This weld-in frame boxing kit doubles the width of the factory frame and boxes in the factory C-channel for increased chassis rigidity. The result is tighter handling, improved power transfer, and a better feeling on the dragstrip, road course, or in everyday driving.

Made in the USA from 10-gauge steel to match the factory framerail thickness for easy welding, the clamshell design compensates for factory tolerances and 40-plus years of wear and tear. An additional body mount is added to further increase chassis stiffness.

When used in conjunction with Hellwig's other A-body products, such as front and rear sway bars and control-arm braces, the result is superior handling, strength, and rigidity.

Applications: '68-'72 Pontiac A-body, Pontiac G-Body (Note: '64-'67 Pontiac A-Body applications are coming soon)

MSRP: $495

Kooks Custom Headers

(866) 586-5665 What is it? Ultra-High-Performance Green Catalytic Converter

Why you need it? You are serious about performance, but your state is serious about your Pontiac passing emissions testing.

Description: Available with 2.50-inch, 3.00-inch, or custom inlet and outlet diameters, Kooks' green catalytic converters feature a high-flow design that reduce emissions, eliminates the Check Engine warning light, and meet strict EPA federal emissions standards. They are rated to 800 horsepower, handle exhaust temperatures up to 1,500 degrees F, and are ideal for naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged applications.

Applications: Any '75-or-newer Pontiac

MSRP: $346.42

American Powertrain

(931) 646-4836 What is it? Ballistix body mounts

Why you need it? Rubber mounts flex, aluminum mounts corrode, and some poly mounts squeak. Ballistix body mounts offer the advantages of all three without the drawbacks.

Description: CNC machined from military-grade, ballistic shock armor, these mounts are engineered with a unique profile that sits flush and flat around the weld seams near the mounting points on the F-body chassis, where other mounts tend to deflect. They are impervious to petroleum and water-based chemicals, and come with a lifetime durability warranty. Grade-8 mounting hardware and instructions are included.

Applications: '67-'81 Firebirds and Trans Ams

MSRP: $99

American Autowire

(856) 933-0801 What is it? '68-'72 Pontiac GTO Classic Update Kit

Why you need it? Forty-year-old factory wiring can be brittle, corroded, and in many cases, hacked up by a previous owner.

Description: American Autowire's Classic Update Kit is a great way to modernize your electrical system, and ensure all of the electrical components in your GTO function as they were intended. The kit contains a complete electrical harness for dash, engine compartment, and body, and features provisions for stock or aftermarket components such as lighting, gauges, A/C, and steering columns. Where applicable, stock terminals, sockets, and connections are used, but optional connections are also present, which allow you to add a modern alternator, LED lighting, an electric cooling fan, or high-energy ignition, all without splicing. Wire lengths allow for original factory or custom routing.

Applications: '68-'72 GTO and LeMans

MSRP: $649.09

PRW Industries Inc.

(951) 436-7900 What is it? High Performance SFI-rated flexplate

Why you need it? Few things can ruin your day faster than a scattered flexplate.

Description: Constructed from cold-rolled steel, this 4mm flexplate meets SFI 29.1 specifications. Its 166-tooth ring gear is double-welded using a cold-welding process to ensure accuracy and maintain strict tolerances. It easily bolts onto Pontiac V-8s.

Applications: Any Pure-Pontiac V-8

MSRP: $92.50

Coker Tire Company

(800) 251-6336 What is it? American Classic Bias-Look Radial tires

Why you need it? Bias-ply tires give your classic Pontiac a classic look, but the ride and handling can't compare to modern radial tires.

Description: Coker Tire's American Classic radial features the looks and sizing of a bias-ply tire with the modern construction of a radial. This offers a period-correct appearance, with the ride quality of a radial—it's the best of both worlds. These tires feature a wide whitewall, which is built into the mold from day one. With direct OE fitments and classic styling, they are perfect for collector-car restorations, as well as hot rods and customs, thanks to the wide variety of sizing to fit 13-, 14- and 15-inch wheels. This steel-belted tire is ready to hit the road, with the comfort, safety, and handling of a modern radial tire. They are made in the USA.

Applications: '55-'64 Pontiac full size and (some) mid-size (7.10-15, 7.50-14, 8.00-14 being the most popular for Pontiac)

MSRP: Starting at $200