For the third installment of our series on Pontiac crate engines, we are casting a somewhat wider net than we normally do, focusing the spotlight on some areas of the Pontiac world that we haven't spent a lot of time on recently. In the interest of bringing you the entire Pontiac hobby, we are chronicling some exciting developments taking place in the world of Super Stock racing, truck-block LS engines, and even the front-drive Grand Prix market that can be applied to crate engines for your Pontiac.

This month, we are profiling powerplants from McCarty Racing, ZZ Performance, and Texas Speed & Performance.

Mccarty Racing 462-480ci Pontiac V-8
If you've been following NHRA Super Stock for any length of time, the name Lynn McCarty will no doubt ring a bell. Lynn and his twin brother, Stacy, have been campaigning 455 Super Duty-powered machines for several years, and have amassed an immense amount of experience wringing the last ounce of horsepower out of their combinations. It has given them an edge when it comes to building engines for customers.

McCarty Racing's Pontiac crate engine is actually quite similar to the engine combo they race with-the primary difference is the choice of cylinder heads. While they are locked into the super-rare and expensive round-port SD-455 heads for their racing engines, the McCartys are free to use whatever heads the customer wants, most often ported Edelbrocks.

"We're limited to 188cc intake ports and Q-jets with our SD race engines, so with a set of Edelbrocks and a Dominator, we're going to make a lot more power than our Super Stock combinations," Lynn said. "This is a solid street/strip combination that will make over 700 hp with a hydraulic-roller cam. That would translate to 9.40s in a 3,300-pound car.

"Our 650hp street versions have improved driveability and lowered cost. The 750-horse street/strip versions get more cylinder head work, valvetrain choices, and bigger cams. We also have Tri-Y and regular headers for $799, covering most applications."

McCarty Racing is also hard at work on some other projects, putting the finishing touches on a very ambitious Ram Air V crate-engine program. The versions to be offered are:

• A stock block 480ci R/A-V crate motor (almost done for testing)
• An aftermarket block 500-550ci R/A-V crate motor
• A short-deck 4.9L Turbo R/A-V crate motor (two versions)
• A short-deck 6.5L Turbo R/A-V crate motor
• A 4.55-inch-bore 650-700ci R/A-V race crate motor (available now)
• A 4.70-inch-bore 800ci R/A-V race crate motor (available January 2011) We will be sure to keep you posted on these exciting developments.

McCarty Racing & BES Racing
(317) 837-8835 or (317) 260-3486 cell

Engine Buildup Worksheet

Price: $9,999-12,999 (Edelbrock version only. Price variance mostly for porting and valvetrain. Does not include carb.)

Engine Displacement: 462-480 ci
Horsepower: 650 to 750 hp
Torque: 610 to 650 lb-ft
Bore/Stroke: 4.182 to 4.225-in
Block/Crank Combo: OEM 400 or 455 block (core required)
Bore/Stroke Ratio: 0.993:1 to 1.003:1
Rod/Stroke Ratio: 1.57:1