He continues: “We’ve run as much as 100-psi on some engines and have never experienced any bearing wash issues. Excessive distributor or cam gear wear can result, particularly with a bronze gear, but we consider positive cam-gear oiling a must when running a roller camshaft, and we found that it significantly improves distributor gear life.”

One area that many hobbyists overlook when selecting an oil pump for a particular engine is camshaft type. “Some of the aggressive hydraulic- roller-lobe profiles available today and the high-pressure valvesprings required to effectively maintain valvetrain stability can cause the roller lifter’s hydraulic internals to bleed down too quickly, and that can create a performance loss. In these instances, additional pressure (75 psi or more) is required to keep the hydraulic lifters working properly,” states Butler.


Pontiac oil pumps were designed to last the lifetime of the engine, and there are certainly many that are still functioning reliably in original un-rebuilt Pontiac V-8s. While a new oil pump is suggested during any rebuild, reusing an aftermarket unit during a subsequent rebuild is possible if it’s relatively new and looks to be in excellent condition after a thorough cleaning and inspection. Regardless of its visual condition, a new pump is absolutely required anytime debris has circulated throughout the engine, such as a bearing or camshaft failure, or any major engine malfunction.

No matter the situation that leads you to your next rebuild, you can rest assured that one of the options presented here is sure to fit your Pontiac V-8’s oiling requirements!

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