Fresh Features

When Irish Eyes Are Stylin’
This Pro-Touring ’70 GTO wears green all year round and wins plenty of awards

State of the Art, Circa 1972
An incredibly rare blue ’72 Hurst SSJ junkyard-jewel is rescued and restored to POCI Concours Gold standards

Special Features

Vintage Hot Rod Magazine Road Test
’73 SD-455 Trans Am vs. Pantera

Super-Duty Sleuthing
Where in the world is the ’73 SD-455 Trans Am used in vintage road tests? You’ll be surprised to learn the answer.

Last of the Creed
Learn some low-e.t. secrets from a Ram Air IV top-end ’701⁄2 Firebird, which is currently the fastest NHRA Stock Eliminator Pure Pontiac in the U.S.

Book Excerpt: How To Restore Your Pontiac GTO 1964-1974
Here’s a sampling of a great new restoration book

Tech Time

Force Feeding
A forced-induction theory primer and all about a new supercharger kit for Pontiacs

Project Pure Poncho
Our 467ci Mule gets a serious performance boost from a new supercharger

Intake Flange Injection
We show you how to modify ’72-up Pontiac cylinder heads to accept any original ’65-’71 intake manifold


Pontiac Perspective
In My Words (Late-Model)
In My Words (Classic)
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